EMALLA has adopted a Unilateral Minimum Retail Price Policy (UMRP Policy) , This UMRP Policy will help ensure that our products are appropriately promoted and sold, avoid unhealthy price competition to protect the interests of EMALLA Global Distributors, and maintain the stable environment of the market. Distributors will need to comply with this UMRP Policy. Failure to comply may result in EMALLA brand ceasing to sell products to distributors, temporarily or permanently.
This policy is valid from 1/6 /2024. The specific policy details are as follows: 
1.The selling price can not be lower than the standard retail price or the minimum retail price specified in each country (refer to the retail price standard). The retail price does not include VAT. EMALLA brand will check retail prices of dealers from time to time.
2.The UMRP policy applies to all products listed in the EMALLA website : emallaofficial.com
3.This Policy applies to promotion and discount , for purposes of this policy,  “promotion or discount” includes any print or electronic media of any kind, also including the discount showing on all website pages and banners, social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, ), emails, blogs, and other marketing or promotional materials, cannot be less than the minimum discount policy.
4.EMALLA brand may sometimes allow distributors to do promotions or use coupons, but the promotion must be approved by EMALLA Brand first.  
5.EMALLA brand will decide at its own discretion whether there is a violation of the UMRP policy. If there is any private price adjustment behavior to affect the market, violating this UMRP Policy, we have the rights to limiting to supply products to distributors, canceling existing orders, refusing new orders, or unilateral termination of cooperation.  
6.If distributor fails to comply with this Policy, EMALLA brand will follow the unilateral enforcement process as below. At the same time, EMALLA brand reserves the right to take action against any distributors without providing any notice.   
A: 1st Violation: EMALLA brand may issue a warning letter to the distributor via email or our sales representative . The distributor will have 7 working days from the receipt of the warning letter to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected within this period of time, a second violation will be deemed to have occurred.
B: 2nd Violation: The Distributor will have 15 working days from the receipt of the notice of second violation to correct the violation. If the violation is not corrected within this period of time, and when the two parties cannot reach an agreement after communication, a third violation will be deemed to have occurred. 
C: 3rd Violation: The distributor will have 30 working days from the receipt of the notice of the third violation to correct the violation. If corrections are made after the third violation notice, cooperation still can be continued. If corrections are not made within the time limit, when two parties cannot reach an agreement through friendly consultations. Products supply will be permanently stopped.
7. The date of the violation will be determined by the EMALLA brand, and each violation related to the EMALLA brand will be recorded and saved as a standard for future assessment of whether to continue to cooperate with the EMALLA brand.   
8. If EMALLA brand fails to promptly notify dealers or take action regarding unknown violations of this policy, it does not mean that EMALLA brand gives up the right to take necessary actions against any violations of this policy in the future. 
9. No dealer or third party has the right to force EMALLA Brand to enforce this policy against any other person or company (including any other dealer). However, any dealer who finds a violation of this policy can inform EMALLA Brand and EMALLA will take prompt action to negotiate and communicate with other dealers.